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KEF reinvents the R series by adding their Metamaterial tech.

Get ready for some next level sound experience, folks! KEF has upgraded its R Series loudspeakers with the fantastic Metamaterial disc – a synthetic material that’s got the power to absorb any unwanted sound waves, reducing distortion and making sure you only hear the good stuff.

These R Series beauties come equipped with the 12th Generation Uni-Q driver, packed with MAT (Metamaterial) technology and a ‘tweeter gap dampener’ that’s like a superhero shield against unwanted vibrations and resonances. And, they’ve got the muscles to back it up too – with ‘Constrained Layer Damping’ bracing and a reworked crossover circuit to split the signal with precision.

Available in three stylish finishes – Black Gloss, White Gloss, and Walnut – these loudspeakers are the perfect addition to any home theater setup. And for those who like to stand out, the R7 Meta (floorstander) will be available in a limited edition Titanium Gloss and the R3 Meta (standmount) in a striking Indigo Gloss.

Now for the best part, the prices! The R11 Meta comes in at £5500 per pair, R7 Meta at £4000, R5 Meta at £3000, R6 Meta at £1600, R2 Meta at £1200, R8 Meta at £1400 and R3 Meta at £1900. And don’t forget the S3 Floor Stands, a perfect match for the R3 Meta, at £649 per pair. Get ready to elevate your audio game with KEF’s R Series Metamaterial loudspeakers.

Or if you’re in America, R11 Meta: $7520/pair R7 Meta: $5384/pair R5 Meta: $4064/pair R6 Meta: $2176/piece R2 Meta: $1632/piece R8 Meta: $1904/pair R3 Meta: $2576/pair S3 Floor Stands (for the R3 Meta): $874/pair

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